Australia’s largest solar plant to be built in 2018

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Australia’s largest solar plant is slated to be built in New South Wales (NSW) early next year. Maoneng Australia and Decmil had signed a memorandum of understanding to construct a 250-megawatt direct-current solar photovoltaic power plant and planned to start building as soon as April or May, Maoneng vice-president Qiao Han said on Tuesday. […]

At an estimated cost of $275 million, the solar plant and storage batteries will be about 17 kilometres from Balranald in NSW and 140 kilometres south-east of Mildura in Victoria. It will generate at least 530,000-megawatt hours of electricity annually, powering homes in both states.

Sunraysia solar plant

The project could also be one of the first solar farms in NSW to utilize batteries for storage of excess power.

“This will provide greater energy reliability and allow the solar plant to produce electricity during periods of peak demand rather than only during sunlight hours,” Decmil said in a statement.

Mr Han said the solar farm would increase energy security for the national electricity market and provide additional supply in the year ahead.

“This development will play a large part in offsetting some of the recent closures of thermal generators within the region as well as bringing opportunities for those looking to transition from fossil fuels into the renewable energy sector,” Mr Han said.

Sunraysia is Maoneng’s second major Australian solar investment, following the completion in recent years of the 13-megawatt Mugga Lane solar park in the ACT.

The Mugga Lane solar farm generates around 24,500-megawatt hours of electricity annually, which is enough to power 3000 homes.


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