Forecast Shows How Trump Tariffs Will Hurt Solar Growth, State by State

Forecast Shows How Solar Tariffs Will Hurt Growth, State by State

Which states will be hit hardest by Trump's solar tariffs? A new analysis reveals how the Trump administration's recently imposed solar tariffs could hinder installations at the state level. The tariffs are predicted to reduce the projected…
Trump's Tax on Solar Power: Here's What You Need to Know

Trump's Tax on Solar Power: Here's What You Need to Know

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Trump signing the trade action that imposes tariffs on imported solar panels. President Donald Trump has imposed a 30 percent tax on imported solar panels, a move that's expected to pull the plug on tens of thousands of American jobs, while…

Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal

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Last year, the solar industry employed many more Americans than coal, while wind power topped 100,000 jobs. Those numbers come from a Department of Energy report published in January by the Obama administration that provides the most complete…
politicians attack solar energy

Lobbyists and politicians attacking solar energy

Solar power's rise has felt unstoppable. Clean energy development has shattered records for years. And new figures show the U.S. solar energy market experienced more record growth in the second quarter of 2017. Solar made up 22 percent of new…