We saw these cool solar powered lights while perusing the internet and though we would post about them since they are something that people here in Las Vegas might be interested in getting their hands on for a little home remodeling.

We like the minimal design and durability of these little glowing gems and can’t begin saying how genius it is that they turn on when the sun goes down.

solar powered landscaping stones

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  • Features our heavy-duty, solar powered glass brick in warm white
  • One 1.2V AAA Ni-MH 700mAh battery included per light
  • Constructed from durable, water glass, these bricks are built to withstand the elements
  • Easy to access On | Off button; can conserve energy when not in use
  • Each brick contains four energy-efficient yet luminous LED lights
  • On the color temperature scale, this item reads at 2700K. It is a soft, warm white – perfect for spaces meant to be cozy and inviting

Interested in buying?

Check out Lights.com for more details and ording instructions